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Aerial Surveying & Mapping

Drones are a natural fit for both surveying and mapping and our drones are able to do these tasks in stunning detail and with precision.

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Imagine being able to survey a 5 story building in a single day, capturing the footage with high resolution cameras. Now imagine actually being part of that survey from the comfort of your own desk, telling the pilot the areas of interest throughout the survey whilst watching a live view through your own computer or tablet.

At Apollo, we don’t just have the technology to do this (and more) we also have the knowledge. Gordon, one of our qualified pilots, also has over 30 years in construction and roofing so understands the goal of the survey. At the end of the mission, you will have detailed photography and Ultra High Definition Video of the site.


Agriculture, brown field developments, whatever it is, we can map it and we can do it in 3D (coming soon).

Google maps is a revolutionary tool but what if you can have you own map, up to date and in high resolution? Our drones will scan a defined area, taking high definition photos at precision points and then combine the photos to give you a mapped area that you can actually work with.

Check the progress of your site with an aerial view

Aerial Survey of a Water Plant

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